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It really makes a difference in my work when I am able to use a high resolution reference image. This allows me to draw the necessary detail required for my realistic style of art. Now there is no need to panic or hire a professional photographer. Below I have listed some “Tips and Tricks", along with a couple photo examples, that should help you get the best possible photographs for your Commissioned Pet Portrait.


  • Nowadays many smartphones are able to take high quality photos especially when using the Portrait Mode in the camera app. You can also use a digital camera to take the photo.

  • Take the photo outside using good natural light, but not in strong sunlight, as both artificial light and strong sunlight affect fur color and cause strong shadows. 

  • Try to take the photo at your pet's eye level. I find getting them to sit by having a treat or toy in your hand works very well! For active pets, you might want to consider playing with them for a bit beforehand so that they are more calm, happy, and they give you a big smile. For a fun twist, try and capture the pet's personality with any funny faces that they do. 

  • DO NOT ZOOM IN!! When taking the photograph, try to not zoom in at all. This will affect the quality of the photo and I will be unable to see fur and hair detail. It is far better to move closer to the subject than zoom in. 

  • Take a couple of photos and send them all to me. I will be happy to take a look and see which I think would be the best one to use. 

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